Who we are


In pursuance of its strategic mandate as enshrined in the CPA, the vision of the NCC is: “To be the leading institution in consumer protection that is professional, responsive and effective.”


The mission of the NCC is: “To promote compliance with the Consumer Protection Act through advocacy and enforcement, in order to ensure fair business practice and uphold social and economic welfare of consumers”.


Values are common traits and attributes which guide the manner in which the organisation will relate with its stakeholders and operate. They are intended to define and shape the culture of the NCC and guide how staff members interact both internally and with all other stakeholders.

The NCC’s value statements are:

  • Professionalism and Ethical conduct - Promote and maintain a high standard of professional ethic
  • Efficiency & effectiveness - Promote efficient, effective and economic use of resources.
  • Transparency – Fostering a culture wherein the bases upon which decisions are made are consistent and transparent
  • Accountability- Accepting responsibility for its own actions.
  • Teamwork- Promote coherent and effective teams within the NCC

Strategic goals or objectives

The strategic objectives articulated below were arrived at through a careful assessment of the legislative mandate and the environment in which the NCC operates. Up-to-date information about the organisation’s performance and its challenges were gathered in developing the strategic objectives. Consideration was also given to political, economic, social, environmental and technological aspects applicable to the NCC. In assessing the information gathered, the NCC was able to define the critical strategic tasks facing the NCC over the next five years.

The following are three the strategic outcomes that will be pursued by the NCC over the next three years:

  • To promote Consumer Protection and Consumer Safety;
  • To promote reform of consumer policy and compliance with consumer protection legislation; and
  • To promote public awareness on consumer protection.