Enforcement & Investigations

This Division ensures consumer protection and consumer safety through the enforcement of the provisions of the Consumer Protect Act and facilitates an environment that enables resolution of disputes between consumers and suppliers that is expedient, cost effective, fair and transparent. It conducts investigations so as to enforce the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act thereby ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Act. The Division facilitates, conducts and monitors product recalls.

Education, Compliance and Advocacy

The Division is mandated to increase knowledge on the nature and dynamics of the consumer market and to promote public awareness on consumer protection matters by implementing education and awareness measures on the provisions of the CPA.

Research and Knowledge Management

The Division monitors the availability of goods and services to vulnerable consumers as contemplated in subsection (1) (b) of the CPA, including price and market conditions, conduct and trends affecting their consumer rights; Access to the supply of goods and services by and persons contemplated in subsection (1) (b); and any other matter relating to the supply of goods and services.
The division ensures compliance with the CPA through conducting research for the NCC, conducting consumer surveys as well as building knowledge management for the NCC.

Legal Services

This Division provides legal advice to the NCC and consumers and lodges investigated complaints of consumers with the National Consumer Tribunal for adjudication. It handles internal NCC legal matters and also monitors and assesses the functioning of Ombud schemes established in terms of the CPA. The Division also contributes to the development/amendment of the Consumer Protection legislation and practices.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division is aligned to the strategic objectives of the NCC in so far as to provide support to all Divisions to ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (Act 68 of 2008) and associated legislations, regulations and procedures. The Division provides support to the NCC with respect to resource allocation and management thereof, as required to fulfil the goals and objectives of the NCC.