Who we are


In pursuance of its strategic mandate as enshrined in the CPA, the vision of the NCC is: “To be that national consumer protection regulatory authority that is proactive and responsive to ensuring effective Consumer Protection.”


The mission of the NCC is: “To be that institution which tackles unfair business practice, promotes compliance and ensures redress by enforcing the law through Advocacy, Prosecutions, Investigations, co-ordinating efforts with other institutions and at all times continuously educate consumers, continuously educate ourselves through relevant research and being seen to be fair”.


Values are common traits and attributes, which guide the manner in which the organisation will relate with its stakeholders and operate. They are intended to define and shape the culture of the NCC and guide how staff members interact both internally and with all other stakeholders.

The NCC believes in and is committed to the following values:

i) Professionalism
ii)  Integrity ethical, moral standards, honesty and truthfulness)
iii)  Transparency
iv)  Credibility (Trusted and Consistent)
v)  Accountability
vi) Teamwork

Strategic goals or objectives

The following are three strategic objectives that were pursued by the NCC in the year under review.

•           Accessible and coherent consumer protection;
•           To promote a fair market place; and
•           To promote the supply of safe goods to consumers.